Friday, July 5, 2019

First week of retirement

Friday, July 5, 2019
Monday, July 1, 2019 was my first day of retirement...or, what I prefer to call it "My Artist's Career Path"...from academics to a creative journey. It was remarkable smooth from Sunday to Monday and through the rest of the week. It could I feel like I am in an old 'vacation/holiday' mode; but my head, heart, and body are not fooled. I am in my Back Yard Studio every day.

The space in my new studio is so vast, I find I am adjusting my 'stuff' every day as I learn how to use it. Here is the heart of the studio - my work area:

There is an 8' long butcher-block work bench along the wall to the left in the second photo. So far, I find that is a great place to do some quick, 5-minute paintings to warm up for the work you see on the large wall space in the top photo. Here are some examples of where I put these quick painting 'sketches', i.e., in printing paper-sampler notebooks, a guide book for research security compliance, an old calendar notebook. Great places to make small art so quickly that you can't even plan for it. Just use anything to paint and glue anywhere!

 Printing paper Sampler Book

An old calendar of Georgia O'Keefe paintings

Academic Research Compliance Guide Book

Another Paper Sampler

Fun, inexpensive PLAY BOOKS. Right? I use gauche, acrylic, collage papers...You name it. Try it!!

I am also working on a series of 7 paintings; yesterday I brought one of them to completion. I'll show you that one and talk more about the series in upcoming blogs. I just want to get the word out today that I am retired and working full time as an ARTIST. Thank you very much!  😻

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